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Athletic Placement Process


The Athletic Placement Process (APP) is a program for evaluating students who demonstrate exceptional skill and want to participate at a higher level.

A Student is eligible to participate for a Senior High Athletic program for four years upon entering the ninth grade. However, by satisfying the requirements of the APP, a student may receive extended eligibility that permits:

a)     Participation during five consecutive seasons in the approved sport, after entry into the eighth grade; or

b)     Participation during six consecutive seasons in the approved sport, after entry into the seventh grade.

A student in 7th grade may go thru APP when a modified program does not exist for their sport. These sports include; Tennis, Golf, Boys Volleyball, Girls and Boys Hockey, and Indoor Track. Eighth grade students may be considered for placement on both Varsity and JV teams.


In order for a student to be considered for a Varsity or JV team, where a modified program exists, a coach’s recommendation is required to begin the process. The student athlete must have demonstrated an unusual skill level to be considered for participation at the Varsity or JV level.


Upon recommendation of the coach, the following steps must successfully be completed to make the student athlete eligible to try out for the team. Passing the APP does NOT guarantee a student athlete a spot on the team.


APP is a very time consuming process. In order to ensure the student athlete has the opportunity, the following deadlines to request a student athlete goes thru the APP must be met:

                        For Fall Sports Season:                      July 15th

                        For Winter Sports Season:                  October 15th

                        For Spring Sports Season:                  February 15th


1)     Recommendation from the coach

2)     Parental Consent

3)     Maturity Test (Tanner Scale performed by private Physician or done during school physical) IF the student does not meet the recommended Maturity Level the District’s Medical Director can either approve or deny the process moving forward. This is solely at the Medical Director’s discretion, and all decisions are final.

4)     Upon District Medical Director’s approval the student must participate in physical fitness testing and earn a rating in the 85th percentile for their age in 4 of the 5 fitness tests. If the student does not earn a qualifying score on the first try, they will have two more opportunities to earn a qualifying score. If the student does not earn the required score after the third attempt, the process is over, and they will not be offered a tryout.

5)     Upon the successful completion of the items stated above, the student athlete will be granted an opportunity to try out for the team.